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Welcome to Gay Milsim an LGBTQ Soldiering Activitiy and Social Group

Gay Soldier

We are a very small group of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual men and women in the UK, who are interested in setting up a Live Action LGBT milsim (Military Simulation) group taking part in military type activities and socials, such as camping, airsoft/paintballing, Basic Military Training Course, Combat Training, First Aid, War Games, Trips to Military museums and events, LGBT Prides in the UK, Dinning Out, Theatre and Cinema Trips, visits to gay bars across the UK, and so much more.

The group will be open to both men and women of all backgrounds who are attracted to or who have sex with people of the same sex and for the purposes of identification only, we have called them Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual in this advert but if you are questioning your sexuality, curious or identify as something else but are attracted to or have sex with people of the same sex then you are very welcome to join us.

Although this group will be military based, including wearing of an army uniform, the group will be an informal social based group, you don’t need any type of military experience to join, most of us don’t have any previous experience, as this group been created for fun and as an alternative to the main gay scene. We are hopefully that by joining our group all members will get many benefits, including improved fitness, confidence and self esteem, get to try new and exciting activities that they would not normally get to try, learn and develop new and existing skills and build some long lasting friendships outside of the main gay scene.

At the moment the group is a blank canvas for us all to paint, shape and mould into what we want the group to be and we are looking for other LGBT people interested in joining us.